Freddie Kitchens Knows Browns Are About To Fire Him

Freddie Kitchens Knows Browns Are About To Fire Him

Freddie Kitchens Knows Browns Are About To Fire Him

Freddie Kitchens knows the Cleveland Browns are about to fire him.

Coming into this season, many believed that Cleveland was about to turn a corner. There were giddy talks of 10+ wins, a divisional crown and a postseason appearance all summer along.

Unfortunately, despite a ton of talent at the wide receiver position, the Browns have sputtered all year long on both sides of the ball.

This past Sunday, Cleveland lost yet again, this time to an equally inept 2-6 Denver Broncos team that was trotting out a first-time starting quarterback.

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Following his team’s 24-19 defeat, Kitchens was asked if he believes he is on the hot seat at this point.

“It really doesn’t concern me,’’ he replied.

“It’s not my decision. I’ve never worried about it before, I’m not worried about it now, I’m not going to worry about it in the future.

“I’ll just do the best job I can do.”

That, obviously, is the talk of a man who knows he is as good as gone.

The Browns are now four games behind the division-leading Ravens and two games behind a Pittsburgh Steelers squad that has played without Ben Roethlisberger for the past several weeks.

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The Browns are done, and the only thing more done than their season is Kitchens’ time with the organization.

For what is worth, quarterback Baker Mayfield did his best to shoulder the blame for Kitchens’ failures.

“It’s a topic for you guys,’’ Mayfield said after the game.

“Within our building we know exactly what’s wrong. We haven’t executed. I think, like I said earlier, we had a good plan we just haven’t executed it.

“We’ll see how the guys handle it this week, but it’s got to be a singular focus. The preparation the last few games has been unbelievable, so we need to continue that,” he continued.

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“The type of men that we have, I said it weeks ago, whenever it was, months ago, that we’re going to stick together.

“We’re going to keep pushing forward, so this is obviously very frustrating but we got to move forward.

The problem is that, while Mayfield could certainly shoulder the blame for some of Cleveland’s struggles, he actually played a fine game on Sunday.

Mayfield threw for one touchdown, no picks and 273 yards on a 90.7 rating. He was not the problem this weekend. Kitchens’ continued poor playcalling was, though.

The question now is not if Kitchens will get fired. The question is simply when.

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