Ex-UFC Star Pearl Gonzalez Reveals Her New Year’s Outfit (Video)

Ex-UFC Star Pearl Gonzalez Reveals Her New Year’s Outfit (Video)

Ex-UFC star Pearl Gonzalez has quietly turned into one of the most prominent social media influencers in the entire mixed martial arts world.

In 2023 Gonzalez has gone viral for everything ranging from her provocative dance videos to her videos where she wears no clothes to her wild boat parties. Not being part of Dana White’s promotion doesn’t seem to have slowed her down at all.

Along the way, she also found a time to compete in a boxing match this past April. While Gonzalez wound up losing that matchup to Gina Mazany by majority decision, she was still the main draw of the card.

This week, Gonzalez set the internet ablaze by showing off her special outfit to New Year’s. To say it was a massive hit would be an understatement:

@pearl_gonzalez ✨NEW YEAR TRADITIONS ✨ Comment down below I’d love to know yours! #newyear #newyeartradition #fyp #latina ♬ La Dueña del Swing – Los Hermanos Rosario

None of this should come as a surprise, of course. Gonazlez has turned blowing up online into a regular occurrence. Be it for her racy chest tattoo, saucy kitchen antics or wild Dana White video, she was constantly in the news cycle this past year.

Plus, in addition to all that, her regular social media posts also tend to do pretty massive numbers.

Any which way one wants to look at it, despite no longer being in the UFC, Gonzalez continues to be one of MMA’s most recognizable names.

And seeing as her celebrity isn’t predicated on her actively competing, it doesn’t look like her career will lose momentum any time soon.

If anything, she is only getting more popular as time goes on.

What will Gonzalez ultimately go viral for in 2024? Time will tell.

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