Everson Griffen Opens Up About Minnesota Vikings Issues

Everson Griffen Opens Up About Minnesota Vikings Issues

Everson Griffen Opens Up About Minnesota Vikings Issues

Everson Griffin recently opened up about his Minnesota Vikings issues during an interview.

Griffen battled legitimate mental issues during his 2018 campaign, and he is only sharing them with the public now – some two years later.

“After five weeks of work and evaluation, the doctors concluded Everson’s erratic behavior resulted from significant unresolved emotional distress, emotional incongruence and a lack of healthy coping skills,” Griffen’s agent Brian Murphy wrote in an email.

“In short, his unprocessed emotions from a lifetime of really unfortunate and painful experiences — including his mother’s death in October 2012 (from spontaneous coronary artery dissection while visiting Griffen in Minnesota) — finally boiled over the top.

“As a result, Everson ‘coped’ by relationally detaching and acting out in ways that were very uncharacteristic of his NFL career. While that experience cost him five weeks of the NFL season, it has also changed his life forever in very positive ways.”

Griffen lived in a sober facility until the end of 2018.

“Nobody knew that I was living in a sober house,” Griffen said.

“I lived in the sober house for three months, from October to the end of the season. I was living like I was in college. Had a roommate, had a little bit of clothes.

“I was going to my meetings. I did the whole nine. That was a part of my recovery. Just to reset. I wanted to reset.”

Griffen currently remains a free agent. It will be interesting to see where he ultimately lands.

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