ESPN Star Taylor Beth Davis Called Out For Inappropriate Bathing Suit Photos

ESPN Star Taylor Beth Davis Called Out For Inappropriate Bathing Suit Photos

ESPN star Taylor Beth Davis is widely regarded as one of the network’s most notable rising stars.

While the the Worldwide Leader in Sports obviously has more prominent personalities, Davis’ ascent when it comes to recognition among casual fans has been very obvious over the past year.

Davis’ growth in popularity, as all things, comes with its fair share of positives and negatives. On the positive side of things – she is more successful than ever.

On the negative side, though – it has opened her up to increased scrutiny.

This past weekend, roughly right around the same time a fellow ESPN personality was called out over her inappropriate outfit choice and fans became very worried about Charissa Thompson’s appearance, Davis came under fire for the same reason.


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That said, not everyone had a problem with the photos. Some were actually very supportive of Davis’ decision to showcase and flaunt her body.

“So fire,” LSU gymnastics star Olivia Dunne wrote.

“Taylor you are simply stunning and breathtakingly beautiful,” another fan agreed.

“Girllllll I’m sorry WHAT!!!! You ENJOY that vacay hottie,” a third person chimed in.

One day later, Davis posted this photo of herself reading the bible:

ESPN Star Taylor Beth Davis Called Out For Inappropriate Bathing Suit Photos 1

Many felt like it was a direct response to everyone who called her out for her inappropriate bathing suit photos, although obviously there is no way to know if that is the case for certain one way or another.

Clearly Davis isn’t letting the increased attention get to her. She understands that it is part of the territory that comes with being a public personality.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if she adjusts her social media posts going forward.

So far, 2024 has been a massive year for Davis both personally and professionally. What will she ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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