ESPN’s Alyssa Lang Called Out For Inappropriate On-Air Outfit

ESPN’s Alyssa Lang Called Out For Inappropriate On-Air Outfit

ESPN’s Alyssa Lang was on hand this week to cover the end of the SEC Baseball Tournament.

When it was all said and done, Tennessee emerged victorious and secured a No. 1 slot in the upcoming NCAA Baseball Tournament.

Unfortunately, an inappropriate outfit choice by Lang led to some blowback on social media.


Because she opted to wear Vols colors on air, leading to many suggesting that perhaps she was biased in her coverage. Obviously this isn’t like when Sam Ponder got called out for her scandalous wardrobe choice, but it is similar.

ESPN often faces accusations of bias, so this certainly didn’t help matters in that regard. Nevertheless, some fans at home believed that Lang’s fashion choice was purely coincidental.

Whereas others didn’t care altogether.

The chatter about her outfit got so loud at one point that Lang herself had to come out and address it.

This incident will obviously pass, but if Lang ever shows the slightest of bias towards Tennessee in her on-air coverage, it will certainly become a topic of conversation once again.

Tennessee Looks Like A Championship Team Right Now

It goes without saying, but Tennessee looks like a championship-level ballclub at the moment.

Not only have the Vols reached two out of the last three College World Series, but they are also playing stupendous baseball right now.

This group hasn’t lost back-to-back outings since March, and they have recorded the most home runs in the country.

Will Christian Moore and Co. be able to make the Vols the first No. 1 seed to win the title since Miami did it in 1999? Time will tell, but Lang will obviously be covering the action every step of the way.

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