Phoenix Suns’ Current Plan For LeBron James And Bronny

Phoenix Suns’ Current Plan For LeBron James And Bronny

LeBron James is set to become a free agent this summer. Last weekend Rich Paul seemed to confirm as much.

LeBron’s future seems to be very tied to where his eldest son, Bronny James, will ultimately be drafted.

At least one Eastern Conference contender seems very interested in adding both members of the James clan to their roster.

As it turns out, though – a team in the West has a similar idea.

That team? The Phoenix Suns.

According to NBA insider Evan Sidery, Phoenix has a clear plan in mind as it pertains to LeBron and Bronny.

“The Suns are hoping to pursue LeBron James this offseason, which is why Bronny James is a very serious draft option at No. 22 overall to potentially lure him in,” he wrote.

“Phoenix appears to believe they can convince LeBron to join forces with Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal to create a historic superteam. LeBron would be sacrificing almost $50 million next season, if he were to legitimately consider joining the Suns on a veteran’s minimum contract.

“Could the Suns really be plotting LeBron and Bronny as their big plan? It certainly seems that’s on the table.”

It is wort noting, the Los Angeles Lakers seemed to have something similar in mind heading into the offseason. They have been eyeing Kevin Durant as a potential trade pickup. Their best offer for the future Hall of Famer is a matter of public record at this point.

The next few months promise to be interesting.

Who will LeBron and Bronny ultimately be playing for once the 2024-25 NBA season tips off? Time will tell.

Clippers Are Also An Option For LeBron James

In addition to the Lakers, Suns and Philadelphia 76ers, the Los Angeles Clippers are also a team to watch for LeBron.

This past week, Bill Simmons offered up a scenario that could to be a win-win for all sides.

“Here’s the solution for all of us with Paul George: a double sign-and-trade with the Lakers,” Simmons said.

“LeBron gets to stay in L.A. but he goes to the Clippers to open the new stadium and finish his career there. Paul George gets to finally play with the Lakers after it was blocked by Adam Silver a couple years ago, and finally he gets to be a Laker. And it gets to be him and A.D. (Anthony Davis) and J.J. Redick and we’re off. It’s a new era for the Lakers. Kind of fun.”

Will the Clippers be able to lure LeBron over in some capacity? An answer one way or another is coming soon enough.

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