Los Angeles Clippers’ Current Offseason Plan

Los Angeles Clippers’ Current Offseason Plan

The Los Angeles Clippers are heading into the most important offseason in franchise history.

While the front office obviously was able to lock up Kawhi Leonard long-term, the same cannot be said for Paul George. The two sides could not come to an agreement on a max extension, leading to speculation that a divorce is imminent.

George aside, L.A. has apparently set its sights on adding a veteran point guard this summer.

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Clippers have their eye on two veteran point guards at the moment.

“The Clippers, I’m told, should be added to the list of teams that could emerge as a suitor for potential free agent Chris Paul. … I nonetheless heard this week that Paul and Kyle Lowry, whose free agency is looming after finishing last season in Philadelphia, are veteran guards said to interest the Clippers,” Stein noted.

Paul is on the books for the Golden State Warriors heading into 2024-25, but his deal is only partially guaranteed. It appears that both sides want to move on.

Earlier this week, Paul was linked to a three-team trade that could solve a lot of headaches for everyone. Time will tell if it comes to fruition.

Lowry could make sense for the Clippers in some capacity, but his abilities have declined a lot in the past two years. There is a reason why neither the Miami Heat nor the 76ers have felt a strong desire to retain him.

It will be interesting to see what path the Clippers choose to take here.

Clippers Need To Make Big Moves

The Clippers came into the 2023-24 NBA season viewed as a legitimate frontrunner to come out of the Western Conference. That didn’t even come close to happening.

Now they face the prospect of entering the 2024-25 season without George, their clear-cut second best player.

“We want Paul, we value Paul,” Lawrence Frank said during a recent session with the media.

“Paul’s done some tremendous things here. He’s an elite player, and our biggest thing is we always want to be able to treat players well and pay them fairly, and we also have to build out a team, especially, this is a new CBA.”

If the Clippers ultimately lose George to one of the teams salivating about the prospect of adding him, they could be relegated to the bottom of the Western Conference in a way that fans who jumped on the bandwagon in the Lob City Era aren’t quite used to.

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