Earl Thomas’ Divorce Proceedings With Wife Nina Take An Ugly Turn

Earl Thomas' Divorce Proceedings With Wife Nina Take An Ugly Turn

Things have taken an ugly turn in the ongoing divorce proceedings between former NFL star Earl Thomas and his wife Nina.

According to TMZ, Nina claims that Earl went nuts after Christmas – going after her and her family in a violent, drunken rage.

In recently filed court documents, Nina insists that she is terrified of her estranged husband after his most recent explosion.

Per Nina’s recounting of events, she agreed to spend the holidays with Earl at her parents’ house in Orange, Texas so he could be with their kids.

At some point, things took an unfortunate turn and Earl reportedly “chose to stay out all night drinking.” In the aftermath, he is accused of going completely nuts.

Nina insists that Earl returned home enraged, yelling at her to “suck my d***” in front of their daughter and screaming at her from the front yard. When she locked him out of the home, he became even more “irate” and started “beating on the windows of the house.”

Nina called Earl’s mother to get him to calm down, but when she arrived he was still reportedly “in front of the house screaming obscenities and clearly enraged.”

Police were subsequently called to the scene, and Earl reportedly admitted to them that he put his hand through a window.

In additional court documents, Nina says that Earl “threatened to come back to my parents’ house, to burn all of my things if I came back to our house in Austin, and to kick my ‘ass.’” She also maintains that he sent intimate videos of the two of them to her parents.

As noted by TMZ, this past week a judge granted Nina’s request and ordered Earl to stay 400 feet away from her Austin, Texas home and their children’s schools.

This is not the first ugly, messy incident to occur between the pair.

Last April, Earl and Nina were involved in a humiliating, embarrassing scandal that made a lot of headlines.

According to multiple sources, police responded to a situation at a Texas Airbnb where they reportedly found Nina wielding a weapon.

Per the police officers’ recounting of what transpired, Nina was “chasing a shirtless black male, later identified as Earl Thomas, with a pistol.” What led up to it? Well, apparently she had previously investigated his social media profiles and learned of a special “meeting” involving him at a rented Airbnb.

Nina subsequently tracked him down and allegedly found him at the location in bed with his brother Seth and another female.

At that point, Nina picked up Earl’s gun with the goal of intimidating him, but had it grabbed and taken away.

The cops later wrote in their reports that Nina was under the impression that she had secretly removed the gun’s magazine and posed no threat to her husband, but was “unaware that the gun had a round in the chamber.”

Disaster in that instance was narrowly averted.

Earl and Nina would spend the next few months attempting to work through their issues. For Nina’s birthday, Earl sent her an extremely heartfelt message.

That said, clearly based on what has transpired over the past month reconciliation is not in the cards. From an objective third-party perspective — it seems like these two should stay as far apart from each other as humanly possible.

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