Earl Thomas Has A Message For His Wife Nina

Earl Thomas Has A Message For His Wife Nina

NFL free agent Earl Thomas delivered a special message to his wife this week.

On Friday, Thomas dedicated a heartfelt Instagram note to Nina for her 31st birthday.

“Just want to take the time to wish the woman who I can talk to in the middle of the night … who has accepted who i am through it all and has helped me grow in so many ways .. I hope you enjoy what I’ve planned for you bae…. 31 is going to be your best year yet … I love you wife.. HAPPY 31st Mrs Thomas,” he posted on Instagram.

Nina wrote something similar on her social media to commemorate her birthday.

“A new year of life to grow, be challenged, succeed & fail but get right back up again, to love & be loved, to healing & breaking generational curses, to be vulnerable & also strong, to be wise yet still give myself grace when I make mistakes, to living in my truth and being unapologetically me,” she posted.

It is nice to see the pair in a good place after the year they’ve had.

Back in April, police responded to an incident at a Texas Airbnb where they reportedly found Nina brandishing a weapon.

According to officers’ accounts, she was “chasing a shirtless black male, later identified as Earl Thomas, with a pistol in his hand.”

As it turns out, Nina apparently investigated Thomas’ social media accounts and discovered a rendezvous involving him at a rented Airbnb. She tracked the location and headed over.

When she arrived, Nina reportedly discovered him in bed with a woman and his brother Seth.

At that point, Nina was said to have grabbed Thomas’ firearm with the intention of scaring him, but ultimately had it taken away from her.

According to the responding officers, Nina insisted that she had removed the gun’s magazine and thought doing so ensured it could not go off.

Unfortunately, she was apparently “unaware that the gun had a round in the chamber,” which obviously could have turned this odd event into a tragedy.

Crazy off the field shenanigans notwithstanding, Thomas is currently still in a state of flux when it comes to football happenings.

The 31-year-old remains without a team, and he looks no closer to signing with one this week than in weeks past. The Dallas Cowboys seemingly make a ton of sense, but for whatever reason that deal has yet to materialize.

Presumably Thomas will ultimately get picked up sooner rather than later, but his continued free agency is certainly surprising. It seems like he has really burned a lot of bridges around the league, as evidenced by the team-wide protest the Houston Texans reportedly held when that organization contemplated signing Thomas.

Again, it appears like he will eventually find a landing spot – but it’s a bit odd that it is taking this long.

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