Dwight Howard Gets Honest On Altercation With Lakers’ Anthony Davis

Dwight Howard Gets Honest On Altercation With Lakers’ Anthony Davis

Future NBA Hall of Famer Dwight Howard agreed this week to sign with Taiwan’s Taoyuan Leopards.

Prior to making the move, many wondered if perhaps he would find his way back to the Los Angeles Lakers – a team he has played for in various capacities for two out of the last three years.

When it became clear that L.A. had no interest in him, some questioned if an infamous blow-up between him and big man Anthony Davis may be the case.

The incident in question occurred during a game last season:

Needless to say, people had a lot of theories about what went wrong there and what the ramifications would be for all parties involved.

This week, Howard appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast and got honest about what happened with Davis in that particular incident.

“Last year, the thing with AD was blown out of proportion,” he said.

“And I felt like that was wrong for the people to twist it and turn it like it was me and them not knowing what was really going on and how we ended up getting that of the way.

“I just felt like, ‘Oh, that was messed up.’ So now, it’s put me in a position like I’m in now, where teams may feel like, ‘We don’t know about Dwight.'”

Howard generally keeps it pretty real. Whether he is revealing why the Brooklyn Nets rejected him or the difference between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant – he is fairly honest when it comes to this sort of stuff.

In that respect, there is no reason to doubt his account of the events.

That said, it’s also hard to ignore that the Lakers didn’t want him this year despite having some very notable holes on the roster.

Will Howard be able to earn another shot in the NBA with a successful overseas run this season?

Time will tell.

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