Dwayne Haskins’ Ex-GF Savhana Arai Exposes His Wife, Others

Dwayne Haskins’ Ex-GF Savhana Arai Exposes His Wife, Others

The untimely passing of NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins shook the league and those who knew him closely to their core.

Haskins was struck and killed by at least one vehicle on April 9 of this year while attempting to cross a busy major freeway. The details surrounding the incident are particularly troubling.

In the weeks since his death, all hell has broken loose among those who knew Haskins well. First there was his wife, Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins’, understandable reaction to the tragedy. Then there was his parents’ bizarre decision to pick a fight with his wife and not attend their son’s funeral.

Now, this week, a new twist in the case has emerged. Haskins’ ex-girlfriend, Savhana Arai Cousin, who the former Ohio State standout once described as a “flower” he needed to protect, recently took to social media to call out seemingly everyone associated with him for their fakeness.

Her post largely speaks for itself:


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This isn’t the first time Savhana has gone viral in recent days over her commentary on Haskins. There was also this:


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Big picture, the circumstances surrounding Haskins’ death are very tragic. Yes, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, including ones regarding whether he truly had a drunk unconscious woman in the car at the time of his untimely passing.

But regardless of what the answer is, it wouldn’t change the misfortune associated with this case.

A promising young life was lost, and it’s easy to see why so many are broken up about it.

In the coming days and weeks more will emerge about Haskins and his life. Hopefully after the initial storm passes, more good stuff than bad ultimately comes out. At this point, what’s done is done. It is now a time for healing and coping.

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