Draymond Green’s Blunt Take On Lakers’ Anthony Davis

Draymond Green’s Blunt Take On Lakers’ Anthony Davis

Draymond Green and Anthony Davis have been two pivotal players in the second-round NBA playoff series between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers.

In Game 5 of the match-up between these teams, Davis took an errant elbow to the head from Kevon Looney. He was forced to leave the court in a wheelchair as a result of the trauma, but was ultimately deemed not to have been concussed.

It led to a lot of debate about whether Davis’ reaction was over-the-top or exaggerated in some capacity.

Green, who is playing opposite Davis in this series, weighed in on the matter during his most recent podcast.

“One small hit to the head can change everything in your life,” Green said.

“Every time you step out on the basketball court, the football field, out on the ice, on the pitch, you’re risking your life because one injury can change everything.

“We saw, not this past World Cup but the World Cup before it, Neymar had an injury to his back that was a couple centimeters away from paralyzing him. The smallest hit to the wrong part of the head can change your life.”

Whether he is weighing in on the GOAT debate, speaking bluntly about his Warriors future or naming his all-time starting five, Green tends to keep it pretty real when he speaks.

That means if he is saying this in regards to Davis and his head injury, he means it.

This year’s second-round match-up between the Lakers and Warriors has produced a lot of memorable moments and storylines.

How will it all ultimately come to an end? One way or the other, an answer to that question will emerge over the next few days.

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