Draymond Green On Stephen Curry vs LeBron James vs Michael Jordan

Draymond Green On Stephen Curry vs LeBron James vs Michael Jordan

This week Draymond Green offered his two cents on the ongoing debate about who the NBA’s all time greatest player is.

Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James are often the two names most closely linked to the GOAT distinction, but in Green’s eyes the answer is his teammate: Stephen Curry.

Curry, inarguably the greatest shooter in league history, has a special place in hoops lore.

But is he a candidate to be the GOAT?

In a conversation with Nick Friedell of ESPN, Green gave his assessment on how Curry stacks up to James and Jordan.

“It’s way different,” Green said.

“But I think one of the most unique things about Steph is like — we all argue like, ‘Oh, is [Michael] Jordan the GOAT? Does LeBron [James] dethrone him? Whoever your guy is, who you think is the GOAT. Everyone debates it. There’s no debate.

“[Steph] is the greatest. So that confidence runs different. But I think we all here in this world know, there’s no debate. He’s the greatest — and that’s a special thing.”

Many people have weighed in on the conversation.

Allen Iverson recently picked his GOAT. Magic Johnson did the same. And now Green is offering his two cents.

While Green giving his take is unsurprising, it is worth acknowledging that he generally keeps it pretty real. Between his assessment of Russell Westbrook, straight-forward confession about his Warriors future and admission about where things stand between him and Jordan Poole, he is pretty honest with his thoughts.

And in that respect, if he is saying this about the GOAT debate, he means it.

Jordan, James and Curry are all special in their own ways. Each can lay a legitimate claim to the GOAT title. Green’s take on the matter is as valid as anyone else’s, and if Curry wins another chip this year, it will only bolster his case further.

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