Dwight Howard Mocks Chris Paul After Suns Lose To Nuggets (Video)

Dwight Howard Mocks Chris Paul After Suns Lose To Nuggets (Video)

Dwight Howard took to social media late Thursday night to mock Chris Paul after his Phoenix Suns were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Denver Nuggets.

In the now-viral video, Howard can be seen referencing a quote that allegedly came from Paul about him.

NBA fans loved it. The reactions to the post were overwhelmingly positive.

What seemed to go unnoticed, however, is that there isn’t a ton of evidence out there that the Paul quote is in fact real. While an image citing it exists, no interview where he can actually be heard audibly saying it can be found.

Though it doesn’t seem like that matters much to Howard.

Part of the issue at hand here is the lingering beef that exists between Howard and Paul. The former has spoken out about it before, and it doesn’t seem like a resolution will be reached any time soon.

Big picture, Howard drama aside, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Paul. He has a partially guaranteed contract for next season, but the Suns may opt to move him in an effort to upgrade the roster.

Paul’s awkward moments in the playoffs with some of his teammates suggest that a separation may be in the cards sooner rather than later. And that may be part of the reason why the Suns have been low-key been scouting replacements for him all year.

If Paul does get traded, one team seems to get brought up every time the topic arises. A lot of pieces would have to align for it to actually happen, though.

As for Howard, he seems to be enjoying himself in China at the moment. He is really embracing the second life it has given his hoops career.

Nothing speaks to how good Howard is feeling these days more than the fact that he felt comfortable taking such a blatant shot at Paul, moments after he was eliminated from the playoffs, over what appears to be a fake quote.

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