Draymond Green Gets Brutally Honest About LeBron James

Draymond Green Gets Brutally Honest About LeBron James

Draymond Green faced off against Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James many times in the NBA Finals.

Each battle was a tough one.

Because of that, Green is uniquely qualified to speak on James in a way few are.

This week, the 32-year-old did precisely did that. Specifically when comparing the challenge that James posed versus the current Boston Celtics squad the Warriors are facing off against in the Finals.

“It doesn’t compare to mentally playing against LeBron James, who I think is arguably the smartest guy to ever play this game,” Green said.

“Not one of, he is arguably the smartest guy to set foot on a basketball court. To say that it compares to that, it’s disrespectful to LeBron and it’s a lie to you.”

Green didn’t stop there, though.

“Now, in saying that, it is a challenge mentally because these guys are super athletic,” Green added.

“They are super young and fast and strong, and all the things that we know and have heard throughout the course of this series. They are those things. And then obviously they are super talented, and so when you are facing that, you have to try to out-think a guy.

“If a guy is faster than me, how can I beat him to a spot? I have to anticipate and I have to think. I have to try to understand what he’s trying to get to. So I think that’s been huge in this series from a mental standpoint and just trying to understand and be a step ahead of them.”

This series between the Warriors and Celtics has been extremely chippy.

Between controversial displays by fans, all the dirty plays and Zendaya – it has had everything you could hope for.

Who will ultimately prevail and emerge as the NBA champ this year?

Time will tell.

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