Celtics Fans Outraged Over Heat Fan’s Provocative Gesture (Photos)

Celtics Fans Outraged Over Heat Fan’s Provocative Gesture (Photos)

This year’s Eastern Conference Finals match-up between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics proved to be extremely competitive.

At various points, each team looked significantly better than the other.

One of things that this particular series will inevitably be remembered for is how randomly tense it got, despite there not being a ton of ill-will between the franchises involved. When you consider the dirty plays and family members getting involved, it has just been one thing after another.

On Sunday, a new chapter in this fledgling rivalry was written when a provocative gesture by one Heat fan drew the ire of Celtics fans. The photo is worth a thousand words:

Because social media is social media, reactions to the act and its documentation came in immediately:

What a week for loyal sports fans. Between the guy who grabbed a handful of his girl in full view of ESPN’s cameras and the hero who went viral at the SEC tournament – it has been one shining moment after another.

This is just par for the course.

What legendary fan will step forward and try to one-up this random Heat girl?

Time will tell.

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