Draymond Green Explains Why He Is So Mad At Kevin Durant

Draymond Green Explains Why He Is So Mad At Kevin Durant

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant have always had a complex relationship.

Dating back to Green recruiting Durant to the Golden State Warriors and that team’s subsequent breakup, their dynamic has consistently been very interesting.

Most recently, the pair seems to be on the outs. Just last month, Green referred to Durant as a coward in an interview. This came on the heels of Durant publicly questioning Green’s mental stability.

This week, Green attempted to explain why precisely he is so mad at Durant right now.

“Once I got love for you bro like you got to do some crazy f— up s— for me to not have love for you no more and like although I think he did some wild s—recently like you go on TV talking about bro you got my phone number, you go on TV talking about yo you need I hope he get to help like you hit me you know what I’m saying,” Green said.

“You hit me like yo I’m here for you you need anything like here for you like bro if that’s how you feel hit me right you know what I’m saying so I thought that was like I thought that was wild you know what I’m saying like that kind of it rubbed me the wrong way.”

Green didn’t stop there, though.

“I respect KD as a basketball player, he’s one of the best we’ve ever seen and that’s kind of where it’s at. Like I got no ill will, I actually got nothing but love for KD actually, but like love is love you know what I’m saying, my love like if I got love for you my love just don’t fade like, my s— ain’t gone tomorrow,” Green said.

“Like if I got love for you, I got love for you and I got love for KD like that ain’t going nowhere you know what I’m saying that’s going to always be that like that’s just how I am.”

Green and Durant have found a way to mend fences in the past. Will history repeat itself this time around? Time will tell.

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