Draymond Green Calls Kevin Durant A Coward, Ends Friendship

Draymond Green Calls Kevin Durant A Coward, Ends Friendship

Draymond Green made headlines last week during a game between his Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant’s Phoenix Suns.

The outing marked the first time Green faced off against Jusuf Nurkic since his physical play against him previously caused him to be suspended indefinitely. You will recall, when that whole ordeal occurred, Durant publicly questioned Green’s mental stability.

Green responded in kind, but didn’t go too hard. It seemed like the matter was water under the bridge.

Nurkic, meanwhile, didn’t like how Green handled himself during this past week’s game and made sure to say so afterwards.

“I mean it’s sad, he didn’t learn anything,” Nurkic said following the outing. “Just matter of time, he’s gonna knock somebody else again. I take everything back, what I said. He don’t deserve a chance. … His antics. Try to hit people. Just stuff he shouldn’t do.”

Late in that Warriors-Suns game, Green broke up the final play as Durant attempted to get a game-winner off with less than a second to play. Afterwards, he could be heard yelling “this is my house” and “get out of here” in Durant’s general direction.

Durant, for his part, seemed to accept what occurred during that Warriors-Suns game fairly amicably.

On Tuesday, however, Green utilized his podcast to make it known that bygones weren’t bygones with him and Durant.

“[Nurkic] and Kevin questioning my character before, as if you’re going to question somebody’s character by the basketball game as if it’s not real life,” Green said on his podcast. “As if that don’t affect people’s pockets. Like, I think all of it was really cowardly if you want my honest opinion.”

Green also noted that he didn’t regret how he handled himself with Durant after the game.

“Everyone was questioning what I said to KD after the game… This is me,” he said.

“I do this. Been doing this. Gonna keep doing this. Which is the same thing I said in that [Los Angeles] Clippers game years ago. Been winning championships. Been doing this. Gonna keep doing this when you leave here. Didn’t lie. Got fined a whole game check… Fast forward, wasn’t a lie.”

Green and Durant have an interesting history. For a while, it seemed like the pair was really intent on making folks forget what occurred between them and seemed dead set on presenting as friends.

But with Green’s recent rant, clearly that is no longer the case.

You can’t just call someone “cowardly” and expect it to be all good.

Durant has been very vocal with his critics in recent years. Will that same rule of thumb apply to Green’s recent comments? Time will tell.

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