Draymond Green Addresses Kevin Durant’s Past Comments

Draymond Green Addresses Kevin Durant's Past Comments

Draymond Green spoke out this week about the fallout from his most recent NBA suspension.

Specifically, the Golden State Warriors star addressed his introspection since getting in trouble and the effect some comments people made had on him.

One comment in particular, from Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant, really struck a chord.

“I hope Draymond gets the help that he needs,” Durant said at the time.

“There’s been incident after incident. I know Draymond, and … he hasn’t been that way when I was around him and coming into the league. So, hopefully he gets the help he needs, and get back on the court and put all this stuff behind him.”

This week, Green responded.

“It really pissed me off when Kevin Durant said, he wasn’t like that when I wasn’t around, I hope the get the help he needs and I start going into this deep dive,” Green said.

“Oh this, oh that. But then its like wait a minute, what do you want the world to know about you.”

Green didn’t stop there, though.

“And I sat with myself and thought about that, I’m like… the world still thinks I am same Draymond as I was in 2017 and the reality is I’m not, I’m not close to the same Draymond as 2017.

“I quite frankly have not allowed anyone in the world to see that growth, to see that change and I’d have my reasons why.You know, we lead very public life… So then I went back to Kevin Durant’s statement, I said he was not like that. “And so as I sat with myself, I think the world get to know me, who I am. And if I can look at Kevin’s statement the right way…

“He’s acknowledging essentially what I want the world to know about me, then he spoke about help. And I’m like, how he gonna say I need help.”

Durant and Green have had a complex relationship for years.

This is just the latest chapter in that story.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamic between them progresses from here.

How will Green and Durant regard each other the next time they face off? Time will tell.

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