Kevin Durant Makes Surprising Draymond Green Admission

Kevin Durant Makes Surprising Draymond Green Admission

Kevin Durant Makes Surprising Draymond Green Admission

Kevin Durant made a surprising admission about Draymond Green this week.

The pair famously got into it back when both were members of the Golden State Warriors in November 2018, and many attributed that tiff — at least in part — to Durant’s desire to join the Brooklyn Nets.

Recently, Durant appeared on JJ Redick’s “The Old Man and the Three” podcast and touched on that particular spat.

“Me and Draymond, we got better after that actually,” he said.

“I felt like I was more locked into the team after that. I felt like he understood me more because we sat down and talked about that whole situation.”

Redick then followed up by asking if the media blew the whole thing out of proportion.

“With so many people just wanting to see — it felt like we were so perfect — they want to see something,” Durant replied.

“They needed some drama around our team. That was their entry point.”

While Durant maintains that his relationship with Green did not deteriorate as a result of that exchange, it is also hard to see how that could possibly be true.

Either the 31-year-old is downplaying it, or his relationship with Green wasn’t great to begin with.

Either way, the Warriors ultimately failed to win a title that year and Durant eventually left in the offseason to join the Brooklyn Nets.

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