Did Philadelphia Eagles Star Pop Pills Midgame? (Video)

Did Philadelphia Eagles Star Pop Pills Midgame? (Video)

The Philadelphia Eagles earned a hard-fought 29-21 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend.

During the outing, kicker Jake Elliott suffered an injury when he had his legs taken out from under him in a brutal-looking collision.

Jaguars cornerback Tyson Campbell ultimately earned a flag for roughing the kicker.

Later in the outing, eagle-eyed fans noticed Elliott doing something that looked like popping pills on the sidelines:

Reactions poured in swiftly:

This was something of a kooky week in the NFL. Between the drama in Dallas, Kenny Pickett’s girlfriend’s provocative wardrobe choices and Zach Wilson’s mom being her usual crazy self – it has been one thing after another.

Elliott’s little situation here is just par for the course.

It will be interesting to see if the Eagles address the online speculation in any capacity. The team has been flying high up to this point, clearly playing like the best squad in the NFL. Maybe they’ll just opt to ignore the distraction.

Will they stop to clarify what happened with Elliott or just keep moving and wait for this situation to go away on its own?

Time will tell.

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