Did LaMelo Ball Get Instagram Model Ana Montana Pregnant?

Did LaMelo Ball Get Instagram Model Ana Montana Pregnant?

Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball has been living a charmed life over the past year.

After getting lied to and passed up by the Golden State Warriors, Ball made them and everyone else who doubted him pay with a stellar first-year campaign that culminated with him winning Rookie of the Year.

Naturally, with all that superstardom and success came some of the perks of fame.

One of those perks? Instagram models.

Ball’s various frolics with an assortment of beauties was all fun and games for a while. Just a young guy sowing his wild oats and whatnot. This week, however, things may have taken a turn.

On Wednesday, based on some posts made by Ball’s presumed girlfriend, 32-year-old Ana Montana, pregnancy rumors began to spread across the internet like wildfire.

These were the posts from Montana that set it off:

Did LaMelo Ball Get Instagram Model Ana Montana Pregnant? 1

Naturally, Twitter had some reactions:

Just this week, Ball went viral for accidentally seemingly exposing his relationship with Montana on his Instagram stories. This came on the heels of Montana herself getting brutally honest about the Hornets phenom.

One way or another, the truth about whether or not Ball is going to be a dad soon will come out. And once it does, it’ll be interesting to see where the situation goes from there.

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