Did LaMelo Ball Get Busted Smoking Ahead Of Hornets Game?

Did LaMelo Ball Get Busted Smoking Ahead Of Hornets Game?

Second-year guard LaMelo Ball is one of the most promising young players in the NBA today. Thanks to his efforts, the Charlotte Hornets are not only in the running for a playoff spot, but also finally gaining some measure of legitimacy after years of serving as an Eastern Conference afterthought.

On Wednesday night, the Hornets will face off against the Atlanta Hawks for a shot at the postseason.

Unfortunately, that’s not what Ball found himself in the headlines for on Wednesday morning.

Rather, what he found himself in the news for was a video that emerged of him hours before the big game.

The video, first posted by SideAction, largely speaks for itself:

Over the past year the NBA has taken a very lax approach to enforcing its marijuana rules, despite the substance still being banned in an official capacity. Because of that, it seems unlikely that Ball will face any consequences for the video.

Big picture, between his Instagram model girl, close personal relationship with Michael Jordan and freedom to do whatever he wants on the basketball court – Ball seems to be living the life right now.

No wonder he isn’t paying too much mind to the NBA’s drug policies.

It will be interesting to see how Charlotte fares in the play-in game on Wednesday.

If the Hornets prevail, this smoking thing will likely be a non-story. Should they lose, though – don’t be surprised to see it back in the news sooner rather than later.

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