LaMelo Ball’s Special Birthday Gift For Ana Montana (Photos)

LaMelo Ball’s Special Birthday Gift For Ana Montana (Photos)

Charlotte Hornets second-year star LaMelo Ball has been connected to Instagram model Ana Montana for a few months now.

The fact that she is rapidly approaching her mid-30s while he just turned 20 has been the topic of some intense conversation.

So much so, in fact, that Montana had to come out and address the matter.

Nevertheless, the pair seems to be going strong despite the online hate.

This week, Montana celebrated her birthday. And acccording to, Ball got her something special for her big day:

LaMelo Ball’s Special Birthday Gift For Ana Montana (Photos) 1 LaMelo Ball’s Special Birthday Gift For Ana Montana (Photos) 2

Ball is obviously very gifted on the court, but he is also quite skilled off it. His one simple trick for picking up models has a proven track record of success. And despite his young age, he has racked up more adult film stars on his resume than guys who have been in the NBA ten times as long.

It will be interesting to see where this relationship between Ball and Montana ultimately goes. They’ve already survived accidental leaks, brutal injuries and pregnancy speculation – so it’s not like they haven’t been tested.

Are we looking at a power couple that will run the sports world for the next decade? Time will tell.

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