Did Josh Giddey’s Alleged GF Liv Cook Just Respond To Investigation?

Did Josh Giddey’s Alleged GF Liv Cook Just Respond To Investigation?

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey found himself in the headlines late last week over some troubling allegations.

Essentially, the 21-year-old stands accused of having a girlfriend named Liv Cook who is under the age of 18. Multiple provocative photos and videos seemingly featuring Giddey and the young woman in question have come out over the last few days.

In addition, Giddey’s Thunder teammates have responded to the matter by deleting their old problematic tweets with him. This occurred just before he was seemingly linked to a second high schooler on social media.

This week things took another turn when some online detectives suggested that the young woman in question, Cook, responded to a message regarding Giddey’s investigation.

Understandably, because of the nature of what is going on here, folks had some strong reactions:

In light of the unfortunate videos that have come out over the past few days, nobody can be blamed for feeling any type of way about this matter.

That said – it is worth noting that nobody even confirmed that the ‘Liv Cook’ who engaged with that post is the young woman that Giddey is linked to. Anyone could have created that profile. Jumping to conclusions makes no sense.

Plus, Thunder fans have already found a video that they believe exonerates Giddey completely.

It is also important to remember that the Thunder haven’t suspended Giddey yet. The real reason for that emerged on Sunday, and it remains as true today as it was then.

This is all part of an ongoing investigation. Eventually, the truth will come out.

Until then, everyone would be better off leaving Giddey, Cook and everyone else involved in this matter alone until the facts sort themselves out.

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