Devin Booker’s Honest Thoughts On Suns Adding Kevin Durant

Devin Booker’s Honest Thoughts On Suns Adding Kevin Durant

The Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets made the biggest swap of this year’s NBA Trade Deadline when they agreed to a deal centered around Kevin Durant.

There had been some murmurs about this happening during the offseason, but ultimately nothing materialized.

This time around, with the specter of Kyrie Irving’s trade demand hanging over everyone’s head, Phoenix and Brooklyn finally came to agreement that worked for both sides.

This past week Suns star Devin Booker gave his thoughts on playing alongside Durant.

“[Durant] has the type of game that you can throw into any system and he’s ready to go,” Booker said.

“So, I’m excited to play with him. Should be a lot of space out there, we’re gonna defend at a high level and I’m looking forward to it.”

The enthusiasm seems to go both ways.

Recently, Durant offered some thoughts on how he would be able to mesh well alongside Booker.

“I can probably provide him a little bit more space than he’s used to with my shooting ability,” Durant told Boardroom.

“And I see a lot of games. He gets double-teamed a lot, especially off the small forward, which is the position I played. So, I can help provide him a little bit more space, which would make him even more efficient, and vice versa.

“I played against a lot of double teams as well with the Nets, so having another shooter out there at the wing position can help me, too.”

Everyone is excited to see Durant in Phoenix. Even the 7-Suns-players-in-1-night girl welcomed him to the squad in her own special way.

The Suns have underperformed thus far in the 2022-23 season, but they are still now undoubtedly the favorites to win an NBA championship.

Will Booker, Durant and the rest of the squad be able to deliver on those lofty expectations? Time will tell.

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