Devin Booker Reacts To Eric Gordon’s ‘Selfish’ Complaints (Video)

Devin Booker Reacts To Eric Gordon’s ‘Selfish’ Complaints (Video)

Devin Booker spoke to reporters this week regarding the Phoenix Suns’ slow start to the season and a recent complaint from Eric Gordon that the team was playing selfish basketball.

A few days ago, Gordon spoke to the media and suggested that he wasn’t a fan of how things were going in Phoenix at the moment. He specifically described the manner in which the team was playing as ‘selfish.’

“Yeah, you know, this has been a little disappointing, how we’ve been playing, you know, clearly both ends of the floor,” Gordon said.

“You know, we’ve got to get back to playing like, you know, I think we just need to be more real with ourselves and have unselfish mindsets in these games.”

What also appeared to irk Gordon was that the Suns seemed to be headed in the wrong direction.

“Early on in the season, it was better,” he said. “And lately, there just hasn’t been an emphasis [to get me more looks]. So, it’s definitely different. Lately, I haven’t been getting hardly any touches really.”

On Sunday, Booker responded to those comments.

‘Nobody takes what he said personal around here,” Booker said.

“He’s been in this a long time. He’s earned that respect and he has the talent to do what he said.”

Gordon has been in the league for 16 years. With that amount of time in the NBA comes a certain amount of respect. Hence Booker choosing his words wisely.

But it is hard to attribute the Suns’ general woes to Gordon not getting the ball enough.

This group has been mired by injuries and a lack of cohesiveness on both sides of the ball. There is a reason Booker has been in the headlines more for stalking Kendall Jenner on social media than the Suns’ on-the-court success.

Fortunately, the NBA season is a long one.

There is still plenty of time to right the ship.

Will Booker, Gordon and the rest of the Suns be able to get on the same page in the new year? Time will tell.

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