Phoenix Suns Star Calls Out Teammates For Being Selfish

Phoenix Suns Star Calls Out Teammates For Being Selfish

The Phoenix Suns’ acquisition of Kevin Durant last season was supposed to be the move that thrust them back into the NBA Championship equation.

Ultimately, it did not.

After another failed campaign, the front office parted ways with its head coach and acquired another superstar in Bradley Beal to help out Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.

The results thus far? Not great. Phoenix is currently 14-14 and sits 11th in the Western Conference. The squad has been mired by injuries and doesn’t look to be playing particularly cohesive basketball.

If that wasn’t bad enough, infighting is now erupting within the locker room.

This week Eric Gordon delivered a blunt message to some of his teammates regarding being selfish.

“Early on in the season, it was better,” said Gordon. “And lately, there just hasn’t been an emphasis [to get me more looks]. So, it’s definitely different. Lately, I haven’t been getting hardly any touches really.”

Gordon didn’t stop there, though.

“Yeah, you know, this has been a little disappointing, how we’ve been playing, you know, clearly both ends of the floor,” he continued.

“You know, we’ve got to get back to playing like, you know, I think we just need to be more real with ourselves and have unselfish mindsets in these games.”

Despite all the hoopla surrounding this squad at the beginning of the year, so far the most headlines the Suns have made have come from Booker spying on Kendall Jenner and that one attractive fan who distracted all the players from courtside.

Phoenix hasn’t done a ton on the court so far this year.

Obviously the NBA season is a long one. There is still time for Gordon’s teammates to heed his advice and right the ship.

At the moment, though – the Suns are definitely looking like one of the NBA’s more disappointing teams so far.

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