Aidan Hutchinson’s Mom’s Christmas Outfit Goes Viral After Lions Win

Aidan Hutchinson’s Mom’s Christmas Outfit Goes Viral After Lions Win

Aidan Hutchinson’s mom Melissa had a lot to celebrate this week.

First and foremost, the Detroit Lions shocked the world on Sunday and won their first NFC North title in three decades.

Although the team’s victory against the Minnesota Vikings didn’t come easily and definitely featured some questionable calls, in the end, the Lions’ long-suffering fan base got a huge dub.

One of the keys to Lions regaining some semblance of respectability over the past year has been Aidan Hutchinson. Yes, Jared Goff has been stellar. Sure, Dan Campbell’s role in the turnaround cannot be understated.

That said – everything changed for Detroit when Aidan Hutchinson was drafted. Suddenly there was hope again.

In addition to watching her son’s squad silence the critics and prove the haters wrong, Melissa also got to experience the thrill of going viral on social media.

Melissa shared a photo of herself ahead of Christmas, and it immediately set the internet ablaze:


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“You beauties,” one person wrote.

“Three beautiful Hutchinson women,” another fan agreed.

Obviously this isn’t the first time Melissa has gone viral. Her provocative outfit to a game earlier this year also caused something of a stir.

That said, it is pretty telling that in a weekend where Sam Ponder’s wild Christmas outfit to her ESPN show caused such a stir, Melissa could come along and steal the headlines in this fashion.

It really speaks to her star power.

As things presently stand, Detroit is the No. 2 team in the NFC. Yes, really. They will now host the first playoff game at Ford Field ever.

Because it is unlikely that the Lions will claim the top seed in the conference, they will almost certainly face off against either the No. 6 squad or No. 7 squad when it is all said and done.

At the moment, that is looking like it will be either the Los Angeles Rams (what a storyline that will be for Goff) or the Seattle Seahawks.

Either way, regardless of who the Lions will end up playing in the playoffs this year, Aidan Hutchinson’s mom will inevitably be there cheering him on every step of the way.

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