Deshaun Watson’s Wild Boat Party Photos With Jilly Anais

Deshaun Watson’s Wild Boat Party Photos With Jilly Anais

The Cleveland Browns took a big risk acquiring quarterback Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans last year.

Then they doubled down on that bet by guaranteeing his contract despite him being out of action over a series of legal issues.

When Watson finally did return to the fold in 2022, he didn’t exactly wow anyone. Despite playing less than half a season, he recorded nearly as many interceptions with the Browns in limited action as he did for his entire 2020 Texans season. Not great.

Fortunately, that underperformance doesn’t seem to have bothered him or his girlfriend Jilly Anais any.

The pair is having the time of their lives already this offseason, as evidenced by some recent photos they shared on social media.


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A post shared by Jilly (@jillyanais)

Anais has been a frequent topic of conversation in recent years over her reaction to Watson’s indiscretions.

Everything from her social media activity to her controversial toast amid his legal woes to the outfit she chose to wear to his first game back has come under negative scrutiny. Anais, for her part, seems largely unbothered by it all.

At this point, everything as it pertains to Watson is a matter of public record. The damning accusations that were made against him. But also the text messages that seemed to exonerate him and the incidents like a son confessing that his mom had made her claims up.

It’s a messy situation, one that will never fully get resolved in the court of public opinion.

That said, to suggest that Watson still has his detractors is an understatement. The way Houston Texans owner Cal McNair’s wife treated Watson at a recent outing was telling.

Watson still has a lot of work to do to earn back the trust and respect of fans and people around the NFL.

He seems to understand that.

As far as Watson and Anais are concerned, though – it seems like everything between the pair couldn’t possibly be going any better.

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