Deshaun Watson Text Messages Released After Accusation (Photos)

Deshaun Watson Text Messages Released After Accusation (Photos)

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson found himself in the headlines once more this week for various legal reasons.

Not long ago, a woman filed a lawsuit against Watson accusing him of assaulting her during a massage session.

Given Watson’s history, the allegation was immediately taken very seriously.

This week, however, evidence emerged that seemingly went against what the woman was claiming.

As part of the proceedings, Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin filed a series of paperwork that included screenshots of text messages the woman allegedly sent to Watson.

They largely speak for themselves:

Reactions to the text messages, the implications involved and what all this means poured in immediately.

They were fairly polarized:

This isn’t the first time a series of messages involving Watson have leaked out. Those were far less kind to his account of events.

At the same time, this also isn’t the first occasion on which an allegation against Watson has come under intense scrutiny. Not long ago, a son literally came out and undermined his mother’s account of what Watson allegedly did.

Either way, no matter how anyone chooses to interpret these most recent events, clearly this situation isn’t going away any time soon. Watson will continue to get dragged into these claims. His girlfriend will continue to react to them like only she can.

And the public will continue to endlessly scrutinize all parties involved.

When will this entire sordid mess finally get resolved?

Time will tell.

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