Deshaun Watson’s Most Damning Accuser

Deshaun Watson’s Most Damning Accuser

Deshaun Watson is currently at the center of a legal firestorm.

Last week, a single massage therapist came out and accused him of getting inappropriate with her.

Then came another. And another. All in all, 16 lawsuits have already been filed against the Houston Texans quarterback, with as many as eight more possibly on the way.

After initially only offering up a bizarre excuse, this week Watson’s team finally went on the offensive. They attempted to discredit one of the accusers and then suggested that was indicative of the validity of the other claims as well.

The problem for Watson, however, is that although one of the accusations is admittedly tarnished somewhat by an alleged blackmail claim, another is extremely damning. That one accusation belongs to Jane Doe 15.

As noted by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, Jane Doe 15 is problematic for Watson’s defense for a variety of reasons.

“It includes a potential criminal act, possible physical evidence and multiple counts of contemporaneous reporting that experts say is critical in these kinds of situations,” he wrote. “It also mirrors many of the other allegations and potentially bolsters them due to the date of the act and the woman’s real-time reporting.”

Jane Doe 15 seemingly corroborates the accounts of many of the other accusers.

“In May of 2020, she said Watson contacted her via Instagram seeking a massage that would focus on his ‘groin area’, his ‘glutes’ and his ‘lower abdominals.’ Doe 15 was surprised that a famous NFL quarterback sought her out. She alleged that she informed him that she was a licensed personal trainer, not a massage therapist. She could help with post-workout muscle therapy, but ‘massages were not her specialty.’”

Watson did not seem to be bothered by this and still maintained that she should come.

“She arrived and Watson led her to the theater room, where she set up before Watson returned wearing just a towel,” the Yahoo report continued.

“Doe 15 alleged in her lawsuit that when Watson ‘eventually flipped over onto his back, the towel fell off [and] … Watson was completely naked and exposed his penis to the Plaintiff. Watson also moved his penis onto Plaintiff’s hand. Watson had pre-ejaculate leaking out of his penis, which got onto Plaintiff’s hand. Plaintiff felt like she wanted to vomit.’”

While it remains to be seen how the court of law looks upon the allegations made against Watson, the NFL seems to have taken a ho-hum approach to the whole thing. The league hasn’t said much about the situation, and two teams are still “willing to give up everything” for his services.

One way or another, this Watson matter will get resolved. And when it does, hopefully all parties involved get the justice they deserve.

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