Deshaun Watson’s Odd Excuse For Accusations Made Against Him

Deshaun Watson’s Odd Excuse For Accusations Made Against Him

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson found himself at the center of a very disturbing controversy this past week.

Initially, Watson was accused by a single massage therapist of being inappropriate during a session. She maintained that he focused her attention onto his groin area, much to her horror.

Then came another accusation. And another. In total, there may be as many as 22 women who will step forward against Watson, according to Tony Buzbee, the attorney who is representing the women who have already filed lawsuits against the Texans star.

To date, Watson has remained quiet regarding the allegations. He came out strongly prior to the first one being made, but has been relatively silent ever since.

Watson’s girlfriend, Jilly Anais, also has yet to speak out.

Slowly, over the past couple of days, Watson’s representation has started to push back on the accusations made against him. Part of that pushing back has been offering an odd excuse as to why he was reaching out to all these massage therapists via Instagram, instead of going through more legitimate channels.

“Watson insists the only reason he contacted massage therapists over social media is because his usual masseuse couldn’t work on him due to the COVID pandemic,” TMZ reported. “Multiple sources connected to Watson tell us … the NFL superstar is still adamant he did NOT sexually assault any of the women making claims against him.”

As further noted by TMZ, “most of the women who have filed lawsuits claim Watson first contacted them on Instagram to set up a massage — which they found surprising considering Watson is a pro athlete who should have tons of resources at his disposal to find established therapists.”

Although due process still has to play out, due to the sheer number of claims being made, it’s beginning to look increasingly bad for Watson.

Also complicating matters is a troubling set of text messages that were released, painting something of a disturbing picture.

One way or another, additional clarity on this situation should emerge in the coming days and weeks. At that point, folks will be able to make their judgements on matters involved with more facts at hand.

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