2 Teams Willing To ‘Give Up Everything’ For Texans’ Deshaun Watson

2 Teams Willing To ‘Give Up Everything’ For Texans’ Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is currently at the center of some very serious allegations. What started out as one massage therapist accusing him of being inappropriate has ballooned into 11 lawsuits and as many as 20 women charging him with the same thing.

The complaints made against Watson have been very detailed and very explicit, ultimately painting a deeply troubling picture. Similarly, his odd excuse for his actions coupled with leaked text messages from him to one of the women don’t help his case.

Despite it all, two teams are still reportedly very interested in acquiring him.

Talent supersedes everything else, it would appear.

Those two teams?

The Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers.

According to Philadelphia Inquirer NFL insider Jeff McClane, Philly may be willing to risk it all for Watson at this point.

“A trade for any caliber of quarterback is possible, but nothing would move the needle like an exchange for Watson or the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson,” he wrote.

“It would take a significant cost. Seattle reportedly turned down three first-round picks, a third rounder, and two players for the 31-year-old Wilson. Watson is five years younger and would presumably cost more. He reportedly wants out, and has a no-trade clause, but Houston has said it has no intentions of trading the quarterback. ‘Howie will give up everything he has for Watson,’ an NFL source familiar with the Eagles’ thinking said.

“The Eagles’ roster is thin, though, and Watson, as good as he played last season, couldn’t compensate for the rest of a Texans squad that finished 4-12. The Eagles have a high first-rounder this year, and potentially two first-rounders next year if Wentz hits certain playing time conditions.”

Mind you, this isn’t the first time Philadelphia has been mentioned as a serious suitor for Watson’s services.

Carolina seems equally desperate.

According to Woody Page of the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Panthers’ desire to sign the 25-year-old rivals that of Philly’s.

“The Panthers and the Eagles have focused fully on obtaining Watson,” he wrote. “The 49ers, the Patriots and the Jets are other teams that might be curious.”

Watson’s skill level is unquestionable. This past season he led the NFL in total passing yards with 4,823, ranked second in passer rating with 112.4 and yards per game with 301.4, and tied for seventh in touchdowns with 33.

The question is: given the severity of the accusations against him, is it safe to gamble a ton of assets on Watson at this juncture?

One way or another, the Eagles and Panthers will need to calculate the risk involved and make a decision. Ultimately, that decision will ultimately have massive ramifications for years to come.

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