Deshaun Watson’s GF Reacts To Katherine Webb’s Racy Photos

Deshaun Watson’s GF Reacts To Katherine Webb’s Racy Photos

Few college football girlfriends ever made the impact that Katherine Webb did when her then-boyfriend and eventual-husband AJ McCarron played for Alabama.

During the 2013 BCS Championship Game between the Crimson Tide and Notre Dame, Webb was briefly shown on the screen:

Broadcaster Brent Musburger absolutely lost it over her beauty, leading to her becoming something of a viral celebrity.

Webb remained in the public eye on-and-off in the years that would follow, consistently staying a doting partner to McCarron through his various trials and tribulations at the NFL level.

These days Webb is a wife and mother to three children, but remains a known figure to some degree. She boasts more than 276,000 followers on Instagram and routinely goes viral.

This week, it was more of the same. In a provocative post of herself, Webb showed off just how good she still looked:

Reactions from various NFL partners poured in immediately, including one from Deshaun Watson’s girlfriend, Jilly Anais:

Deshaun Watson’s GF Reacts To Katherine Webb’s Racy Photos 1

Anais has been in the news quite a bit herself in recent days. Her actions amid her beau’s six-game suspension from the league rubbed some folks the wrong way. Obviously she isn’t too bothered by that, though.

As for Webb, clearly she appreciates the support. She and Anais seem to be good friends:

This isn’t the first time Webb has gone viral for her racy photos. Between her eye-catching Halloween costumes and popular social media posts, it’s something of a common occurrence.

Plus, there are also just her general Instagram posts, which always do massive engagement numbers:

All in all there are two lessons to take away from this particular situation.

First and foremost, Webb and Anais were and continue to be on strong enough terms to where they feel comfortable openly corresponding on social media.

Two, Webb’s still got it.

What will she ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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