Katherine Webb Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Katherine Webb Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Katherine Webb Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Katherine Webb’s Halloween has gone viral.

A.J. McCarron is known for exactly two things in this world.

The first is being one of the more memorable Alabama quarterbacks from the last decade.

The second is being married to Katherine Webb, who first earned national recognition during the 2013 BCS National Game when one of the announcers verbally slobbered all over her.

As it turns out, in the six years since that game McCarron and Webb got married and are now living happily ever after.

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On Tuesday of this week, Webb took to Instagram to reveal what she and McCarron wore to the Halloween party of McCarron’s teammate, Deshaun Watson.

Webb later revealed that although she obviously went as a Baywatch cast member, there was one specific one she was attempting to emulate: Carmen Electra.

Did she succeed?

Decide for yourselves.

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