Deshaun Watson’s DMs To Massage Therapist Leak (Photos)

Deshaun Watson’s DMs To Massage Therapist Leak (Photos)

Deshaun Watson is currently at the center of a very messy and extremely complicated legal storm.

It all started with a single massage therapist coming out and accusing him of being inappropriate with her. Then came another. And another. In total, 21 lawsuits have been filed against the Houston Texans quarterback.

The underlying theme of the accusations, although not always identical, seems to be pretty similar.

Watson is accused of reaching out to massage therapists via social media direct messages, arranging an appointment, and then harassing the massage therapists working on him.

It’s very serious stuff.

Amazingly enough, was reportedly able to get a copy of one of the DMs Watson sent to a massage therapist. It lends some substance to what up until this point has just been a lot of talk.

Deshaun Watson’s DMs To Massage Therapist Leak (Photos) 1

It will be interesting to see where things ultimately go from here.

Although the case laid out in the media against Watson is pretty damning, it is not without some oddities. The police department seems to be contradicting a lot of what the attorney who is representing the alleged victims is saying. The reliability of at least one accuser has been deeply undermined already. It’s all very messy.

Then again – there is also at least one extremely reliable and damning accusation on record. So it’s impossible to say where things will end up going in the coming weeks and months.

At this stage, given the lack of tangible information available, the best everyone can hope for is that ultimately the wronged parties in all this, whomever they may be, get the justice they deserve.

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