Dennis Schroder’s Blunt Take How Lakers Treated Him

Dennis Schroder’s Blunt Take How Lakers Treated Him

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs last week by the Phoenix Suns.

In the days immediately following, a post-mortem took place. One of the ‘problem areas’ that seemingly everyone could agree on was Dennis Scroder’s fit.

Although the 27-year-old is objectively very talented, he is also something of a headache. Between his outlandish social media activity and his outing of LeBron James, Schroder has a strong tendency to cause drama more often that not.

All of this culminated in a report a few days ago that the Lakers pretty much hated Schroder by the end of the season.

This past week, Schroder addressed how the organization had treated him over the past year.

“Me and (Lakers vice president of basketball operations) Rob (Pelinka) have had close contact throughout the whole season,” he said, via Lakers Nation.

“He said every time when you need something, text me. If the family needs something, just holler at me and I’ll figure it out. Going through all of this COVID stuff, family can’t come to the games but I mean, he did everything for us and that’s all you can ask for.”

All in all, he and Pelinka seemingly had a very positive relationship.

“He (Pelinka) did everything for me, stayed in contact all the time when I needed something,” Schroder continued.

“Even in practices helping me out talking to me, what I can improve on, all that stuff. It was just a great experience for me to be here and you all know what comes next. I said it last night, and it’s unfinished business.”

Based on everything Schroder is saying now, he seems to be okay with his place on the Lakers and apparently wants to return next year – despite the fact that one team has serious interest in him.

That’s a far different message than the one he had been sending for most of the season.

If Schroder truly wants to stay, LA will probably be happy to keep him. But based on everything we’ve seen from him thus far, it’s hard to really have too much faith in the young guard.

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