Darren Rovell Clearly Roots For Sports Disruption, But Won’t Admit It

Darren Rovell Clearly Roots For Sports Disruption, But Won’t Admit It

Darren Rovell Clearly Roots For Sports Disruption, But Won’t Admit It

Darren Rovell clearly roots for sports disruption, but won’t admit it. What makes matters worse is that the Action Network personality refuses to directly acknowledge how much he basks in news of COVID-19 messing with various leagues, but somehow indirectly exposes himself with every tweet.

The most glaring example of this came last week, when Rovell referenced the story of Indiana freshman Brady Feeney.

Feeney, an offensive lineman, published a message on social media stating that he would not live his life in fear. A short time later, he came down with COVID-19. His mother subsequently posted on social media, expressing her fears that her son may end up dealing with long-term damage.

Rovell paired screenshots of Feeney’s message and his mother’s message, and published a tweet showcasing them.

A short while later, he played ignorant when people asked him why he was reveling in this story.

It would be understandable if a regular person published a tweet like that without fully understanding the subtext of the idea they were putting forth. But for a writer and media personality, someone who clearly understands context and messaging to do it, is disingenuous.

This is not the first time Rovell has actively peddled the idea that players, teams and leagues returning from COVID-19 would be difficult, only to then gleefully point to how right he was in follow-up tweets.

For some reason, Rovell cannot seem to grasp that two things can be true at the same time: he could not want COVID-19 to hurt sports in a broader sense because COVID-19 is bad and sports are good, all the while still be rooting for more cases of it disrupting sports to be revealed so that he can be correct in his initial prediction of how disruptive it will ultimately end up being.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with taking COVID-19 seriously. Caution as it pertains to anything is always wise. We know very little about this pandemic at this point. It could be a glorified flu or it may be far more serious. An answer likely won’t come until we are far past this thing and can look back on it with clear eyes.

Rovell taking COVID-19 seriously is not the issue. The issue is him having a clear slant in his messaging, and then crying foul when people like Clay Travis (who admittedly has his own slant) call him out on the objective truths of his tone.

Regardless of what happens here, Rovell would be wise to reflect on why he is getting so much pushback as it pertains to his COVID-19 posts. It might go some ways in clarifying for him why so many people dislike him despite all the fascinating content he regularly provides on Twitter.

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