Clay Travis Feuds With Darren Rovell Over Covid, Sports Cancellation

Clay Travis Feuds With Darren Rovell Over Covid, Sports Cancellation

Clay Travis Feuds With Darren Rovell Over Covid, Sports Cancellation

Clay Travis feuded with Darren Rovell on Twitter this week over the pair’s disagreement on Covid-19 and what it means for sports getting cancelled.

Travis, founder of, has been a longtime proponent of Covid not being as bad as the general media would have people believe.

Rovell, a member of the Action Sports Network, has insisted for a while now that it would realistically be very difficult to successfully restart sports in the current climate.

Monday morning’s news that the Miami Marlins were forced to cancel games as a result of multiple players coming down with Covid-19 is what led to the latest clash between the two internet personalities.

While urging caution in the wake of media panic is generally always good advice (the media makes its money by worrying you, the consumers, who in turn desperately seek out more media), Travis has somehow managed to be consistently wrong as it pertains to Covid-19. He has repeatedly said it would not be as bad as it ultimately got, all the while never acknowledging that he has been wrong about the pandemic up to this point.

Rovell, meanwhile, is a fascinating and polarizing figure on Twitter. He brings constant streams of interesting facts and useful information, but is somehow so insufferable in his delivery that he has managed to alienate the vast majority of the fans who he is serving with this information. It is hard to think of a more unlikable human being on the internet, and the internet is literally filled with idiots, cowards and hate-mongers.

So while Rovell is probably more correct than Travis in this particular instance, nobody likes him enough to actually back him up.

This is likely not the last Covid-inspired argument that will take place among sports media personalities in the near future, so don’t worry if you were doing something more interesting on Monday morning and missed it.

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