Trill Withers Can’t Find New Job After Barstool?

Trill Withers Can’t Find New Job After Barstool?

Trill Withers Can’t Find New Job After Barstool?

Is Trill Withers struggling to find a new job after leaving Barstool Sports recently?

Despite resigning nearly two weeks ago, the beloved social media personality has yet to offer any indication as to what his next move is.

In his Twitter profile, unarguably his biggest and most valuable social media presence, Tyler simply has a link to his old content, Twitch account, Venmo and Cash App. His Twitch account only has 4.3K followers – which is not something that is easily convertible into much of value.

When Tyler left Barstool the popular assumption was that he had something of note already lined up. After all, why would someone leave a high-paying job at one of the fastest growing media companies in the world if the didn’t have something to replace that income stream with?

But the lack of announcements as it pertains to what comes next is odd.

Moreover, this is arguably the worst time in the last decade to be a free agent in this space.

Digital media companies are hemorrhaging money due a Covid-related advertising decline. All of the likeliest candidates to sign Tyler, Vox and other companies of that ilk, are firing people left and right.

The next few weeks will be telling.

If Tyler ultimately announces a new job, then obviously all the worry was for nothing and he is fine. If not – there may be some long-term trouble on the horizon for the beloved Twitter personality.

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