Dana White’s Mom Says He Cheated On Wife With Sister-In-Law

Dana White’s Mom Says He Cheated On Wife With Sister-In-Law

UFC President Dana White has made some enemies throughout his rise to the top of the mixed martial arts (MMA) world.

One particularly prominent one? His mother, June.

A few years ago, June did an interview in which she accused her boy of a number of things.

Among them? Cheating on his wife with ring girls and, oddly enough, his sister-in-law.

“I think it’s pretty amazing, the things he’s been able to do in MMA and the UFC, but he’s not a good person,” June said.

“He seems to have lost his character somewhere along the way. He mistreats people. It’s terrible the way he speaks to women and treats women. That really bothers me, because I don’t believe I’ve ever brought him up to behave like that.”

Specifically, June apparently didn’t like the way he allegedly stepped out on his wife.

“Everyone knows that he puts Tiger Woods to shame,” June continued.

“Plenty of the ring card girls sleep with him. There’s two of them I know for sure. … He slept with his sister-in-law in my house, which made me absolutely furious.”

The worst part? According to June, violence has been used to resolve issues in the White household on multiple occasions.

“I mean, he goes after any girl he wants and usually gets them,” June said.

“His wife is – they’re constantly fighting. The honeymoon, she gave him the worst black eye I’ve ever seen and nearly lost his eye. So I don’t know if that’s his way of handling that, but he’s gone overboard with handling that.”

Why is all this notable? Because White and his wife were busted on camera over New Year’s getting violent. She slapped him. He slapped her. It was a mess.

Both parties eventually apologized publicly and said it was a one-time occurance, but the damage was done.

For now that damage has been contained because ESPN has seemingly instructed its reporters not to discuss the matter, but this feels like an issue that isn’t going away any time soon.

Moms have been getting prominent UFC personalities into trouble quite a bit as of late. Conor McGregor’s mother’s controversial Halloween costume landed him in hot water as well a few months ago.

But this is on another level.

White has survived a lot of controversies in the past. Will he be able to do so again with this one?

Time will tell.

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