Dallas Cowboys Set To Release Ezekiel Elliott?

Dallas Cowboys Set To Release Ezekiel Elliott?

Ezekiel Elliott signed a $90 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys that should theoretically keep him with the franchise through 2026.

That said, given his declining production and the way running backs are treated in the NFL nowadays, it is difficult to see a scenario where he plays his deal out.

The Cowboys could move Elliott in 2023 and take an $11.8 million dead cap hit.

During a recent episode of Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio went into great detail regarding why he believes Elliott is a goner.

“I think he’s out,” Florio said. “I think he’s out after this year. I think he’s out after this year, and the money that they would give to him is going to Tony Pollard and then they’ll draft somebody.

“They had no qualms about saying goodbye to DeMarco Murray. His reward for setting the franchise single-season rushing record was, ‘See you later. We’re not interested.’ And they would have already said that to Ezekiel Elliott if they didn’t have a contract structure that forced them to keep him around.

“And it’s amazing for a team that prides itself on being very shrewd, very shrewd when it comes to contract negotiations, they got the short end of it with Ezekiel Elliott and with Dak Prescott by delaying and assuming that they could just throw an arm around the guy and talk him into doing a hometown discount.”

Elliott recently got brutally honest about his Cowboys future. He seems to see the writing on the wall.

The Cowboys have been in the news nonstop over the past few weeks. First it was the Cam Newton rumblings. Then it was Dak Prescott’s girlfriend causing a stir. Now this. America’s Team certainly knows how to keep itself relevant.

How will this entire situation between Elliott and the Cowboys ultimately end when it’s all said and done?

Time will tell.

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