Cowboys Player Texted Slur To Jason Garrett

Cowboys Player Texted Slur To Jason Garrett

Cowboys Player Texted Slur To Jason Garrett

A Cowboys player texted a slur to Jason Garrett, it would appear.

One of the most bizarre things that has taken place in Dallas over the past few years is the blatant lack of respect so many people had for Garrett.

It is unclear why this was the case, given that Garrett had been the head coach for the better part of a decade – but it was definitely very obvious.

Recently, NFL Network insider Jane Slate shared a story that perfectly illustrated just how little respect a ton of Cowboys players had for Garrett.

Apparently after a disagreement with the head coach, one unnamed player replied to him with a text message that essentially told him to “f—k off.”

A lot of people are pointing to the culture that owner Jerry Jones created as the reason for this. Because Jones regularly undermines his coaches, these folks say, it makes it okay for the players to do the same.

Is that true? It is debatable.

Obviously Jones does very clearly create that sort of culture, but should the blame fall entirely on him? Doesn’t the coach somehow need to figure out a way to make his troops respect him, no matter what?

It will be interesting to see how new head coach Mike McCarthy walks the fine line of keeping his players in line while still being respectful to Jones. If he does it well, then we will know that the problem was Garrett all along. If not, then Jones will likely finally start getting the blame he deserves.

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  1. How was this childish? I have been a Cowboy fan since 1965, thru thick and thin. The last five years have been very frustrating to me, and to read/hear that a player told JG to “—— off” is news to me.

  2. The unnamed player was Dak who was pissed off at Jason For outting him. DAK vowed seek revenge and decided to do all he could to drive a wedge between teammates and Jason. Dak felt he was made fun of.for the sissy in the shower comments and the wandering eyes from the sissy in the shower. If your gonna act like Barry Soterro in the shower, be prepared to swallow the whole load.

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