Conor McGregor Loses Fight To Machine Gun Kelly At VMAs (Video)

Conor McGregor Loses Fight To Machine Gun Kelly At VMAs (Video)

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor is in a bad place. Not only has he lost three of his last four MMA fights, recording a mere one victory since 2016, he’s now getting embarrassed by civilians.

Much like the time he tried to punch an old man in the face and failed to knock him out, McGregor suffered a similar indignity on Sunday night at the Video Music Awards (VMAs).

According to multiple reports, McGregor asked rapper Machine Gun Kelly for a photo – only to get rejected. At that point, all hell broke loose.

Various angles captured the crazy scene as it unfolded.

Just by virtue of trying to fight Machine Gun Kelly and not being able to do any actual damage to him, McGregor lost this one. And since he has been losing again and again and again as of late – it’s no doubt a familiar feeling.

Once upon a time McGregor was a cool guy, but between cheating against (and still losing to) Khabib Nurmagomedov, the disturbing allegations that have been made against him, and his weird affinity for sex watches – he’s just in a really weird place right now.

Hopefully McGregor is able to get back on track at some point, but based on the path he’s been on, it feels unlikely.

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