Collin Sexton Accused Of Jinxing Cavaliers With T-Shirt

Collin Sexton Accused Of Jinxing Cavaliers With T-Shirt

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ season ended this past week with a 107-101 loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference play-in game.

Although Cleveland shocked a lot of people with how well they played this year, the way the season came to an end was undeniably disappointing.

An interesting target for fan ire has emerged in recent days for the loss: Collin Sexton. This is particularly funny because he is out for the year with an injury and didn’t play.

So why are folks so mad? Because of the shirt Sexton chose to wear.

That shirt, for the uninitiated, is a call back to the 1995 World Series where the Cleveland Indians faced off against the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves ultimately won that battle – much in the way the Hawks did here.


Big picture, this was just the latest sign that Sexton and the Cavs aren’t really on the same page. He has come at the team with some pretty crazy demands, the front office seems to dislike him, he frequently clashes with his teammates and the organization and reconciliation seems unlikely.

It’s certainly possible that Sexton will return to the Cavaliers next year, but if the opportunity presents itself, it’d probably be best if all parties involved went their separate ways.

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