Collin Sexton’s Crazy Demand For Cleveland Cavaliers

Collin Sexton’s Crazy Demand For Cleveland Cavaliers

Collin Sexton and the Cleveland Cavaliers failed to come to terms on a rookie contract extension this offseason.

After a summer of chatter about the organization’s desire to trade him, few were shocked.

As it turns out, however, both sides actually came much closer to a deal than anyone realized.

In fact, if a few more things had gone correctly – Sexton might’ve actually inked that long-term extension before the 2021-22 NBA season even commenced.

According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, things were originally on track for an agreement to be reached between Sexton and the Cavaliers.

“About two weeks before the NBA’s opening-night deadline for rookie contract extensions, I was told that the Cavs and Collin Sexton were on track to get an agreement in place for something in the neighborhood of $20-25 million a year,” Lloyd reported.

“A few days before the deadline, I was told talks hit a ‘snag’ without any further explanation. The two sides ultimately parted without a deal. Preserving the relationship now will be key, particularly since Sexton’s 2018 draft class broke a record with more than $1 billion in extensions. Emotions are involved when a deal isn’t struck in a situation like this, given how this organization positioned Sexton for so long. I’ve been vocal about how the Cavs have miscast Sexton in a role for which he wasn’t suited for a number of years.”

As it turns out, Sexton and his team had made a pretty crazy demand of the Cavaliers.

“Sure enough, Sexton’s side originally asked for the type of money De’Aaron Fox and Jamal Murray received,” Lloyd continued. “Both young guards received max contracts and had numbers comparable to Sexton, but the Cavs weren’t interested in anything close to that.”

Fox got a five-year deal that paid him $163 million, while Murray got a five-year deal worth $170 million. While you could make the case that Sexton, when he is on, is as good of a scorer as those two – he is nowhere near as complete a player.

Between Darius Garland needing a big contract come season’s end, Jarrett Allen’s $100 million deal, and Sexton’s perpetual clashes with his teammates and the organization, the idea of him getting more than $30 million annually is preposterous.

Barring something crazy occurring, Sexton will likely be traded this year. And when he does get moved, it will be interesting to see if he can ultimately get anywhere near the sort of funds he seems to believe he deserves.

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