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College Football Fans Outraged Over ESPN’s Lee Corso Decision

College Football Fans Outraged Over ESPN’s Lee Corso Decision

Lee Corso is one of the most integral personalities in all of sports.

On a weekly basis, college football fans are excited to see him pump up the crowd like only he can.

That said, in recent weeks the 87-year-old has missed time with health issues of varying severity. When he is around, he is electrifying. But he hasn’t been around as much as folks would hope lately.

This Saturday Corso was scheduled to make an appearance – and that is precisely what happened.

Unfortunately, fans immediately began to panic when they realized the circumstances.

Not everyone agreed that there was cause for concern, though.

This has been an insane year for college football. It is understandable why Corso would want a front row seat to this week’s madness.

Between a Texas fan stripping her clothes off in outrage over last week’s loss, cheerleaders going wild and girls doing weird stuff in the bleachers during outings – it has been one thing after another every single Saturday.

This week is unlikely to be an exception.

Hopefully Corso ends up feeling okay after today’s showing and enjoys the fireworks – because this promises to be an absolutely fascinating weekend.

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