College Basketball 2020 Big Ten Tournament Bracket

College Basketball 2020 Big Ten Tournament Bracket

College Basketball 2020 Big Ten Tournament Bracket

The College basketball 2020 Big Ten Tournament bracket was published this week. If the tournament began today, some very interesting teams would make the cut.

Part of this is due to the fact that the Big Ten is just extremely deep.

A lot of previews and predictions for the NCAA Tournament note that anywhere from ten to eleven teams may ultimately end up making the cut.

The teams that would make it into the tournament if it began today are as follows: Maryland, Penn State, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan State, Rutgers, Purdue, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and Northwestern.

One big thing going for the top four ranked teams in this conference is that they get a double bye prior to their first tournament games. Meanwhile, squads who sit in the bottom have will have to play immediately.

The Big Ten has been fascinating to watch thus far in 2019-20. The Buckeyes and Wolverines both got off to  really solid starts, only to then plummet back down to earth as the season progressed.

Maryland, Penn State, Illinois and Iowa, meanwhile, began peaking at just the right time, and currently hold the top four seeds in the conference.

The tournament is still some ways away, though, so anything can happen between now and then.

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