Cowboys Coach Picks Between Tom Brady And Dak Prescott

Cowboys Coach Picks Between Tom Brady And Dak Prescott

Cowboys Coach Picks Between Tom Brady And Dak Prescott

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy picked between Tom Brady and Dak Prescott recently.

His choice? The younger, sprier quarterback.

Recently, Dallas legend Michael Irvin appeared on the radio and noted that the rumors of Brady possibly coming to the Cowboys were more legitimate than many believed.

In his estimation, though, even if Dallas could sign Brady, there is no guarantee that the organization would.

Why? Because according to Irvin, McCarthy would prefer a young quarterback in Prescott to a six-time Super Bowl champion who is turning 43 in a few months.

Appearing on WEEI this past week, Irvin said that he had a “shocking” talk with some “very significant people” regarding a possible Brady-Cowboys union.

With Brady joining Dallas suddenly a realistic proposition, NFL Network insider Jane Slater decided to see if the Cowboys would prefer Prescott or Brady if they could have either one.

“So I asked a team source about this as a hypothetical 2 weeks ago bc I was curious why Dallas wouldn’t at least consider the possibility given recent changes,” she tweeted out.

“The answer I got? McCarthy would be more inclined to want to work with a younger QB and develop him in Dallas.”

On the surface, McCarthy’s thinking makes sense. He has a long-term deal with the Cowboys, and Prescott is the sort of quarterback you can build a franchise around.

Conversely, Brady is a hired gun at this stage in his career. You could bring him in for a season and try to compete for a Super Bowl – but you’re making a risky wager.

If Brady does not win a title for you, you not only paid an aging quarterback $30 million, you also lost Prescott in the process.

All signs continue to point to Prescott eventually coming to terms with the Cowboys on a new deal. But if he does not, having Brady as a Plan B is not the worst thing in the world.

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